Tanno Pippi is an interdisciplinary artist working in photography,
music (Jolly Goods), video and performance. Tannos practice melds music
and art to investigate utopian ideas about gender, autobiography and the body.
These articulations have resulted in masturbation pillows against period pain,
stage outfits with long blue armpit hair, portraits of clitterboys, 35 works of
music and a bathtub full of fries.

2009-2014 Berlin University of the Arts / Master of Fine Arts

2007 Jolly Goods - her.barium, LP
2009 Shit & Gender, photography at Gelegenheiten Berlin
2010 We Got The Tits, photography and film at Ori Berlin
2010 Groupshow, photography at Spaeti International Berlin
2010 Peaches Does Herself, performance at HAU Berlin
2011 Jolly Goods - Walrus, LP
2013 Capitalism/Orgasm, performance with Anais Heraud,
     le atelier kunstspielraum berlin
2013 Killjoys Kastle : A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House,
     an performance and installation project by
     Allyson Mitchell in Toronto for which
     Jolly Goods wrote a sound piece and did a
     a performance on the opening night
2013 Period Party, objects and photography at UdK Berlin
2013 Frauen Am Rande Der Komik, performance at Sophiensaele Berlin
2014 Dinosaur, photography + video + performance at UdK Berlin
2015 Scratch Piece, performance in collaboration
     with Julian Meding, Gesnerallee Zürich
2016 Soft, shortfilm in collaboration with
     Frances Enyedy, Altes Finanzamt Berlin
2018 Flying Tampons, collages at Superwampe Berlin
2020 Jolly Goods - Slowlife, LP

2012 MuVi Prize of Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen for music video Try
2018 Musicboard Berlin Scholarship


frances enyedy
allyson mitchell
anais heraud